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One Epic Metal Tribute To The History Of Video Games

By Thomas Cowley



The culture surrounding video games has become a worldwide, inclusive, and incredibly popular one in roughly the last decade. This was not always the case however. Legend tells of a time long since past where those who owned Grand Theft Auto were only degenerates, malcontents, and wayward children who lacked parental supervision. Conversely, the release of GTA V was more anticipated than cake day at fat camp.


In honor of the days of gaming past, one young man has put together a truly remarkable compilation of his own metal renditions of several classic video game theme songs. The games date from pong, all the way to this years Dark Souls II. If you don’t have 17 minutes to watch the whole thing (which I highly suggest you find due to the amount of work put into this video) you can jump around to your favorite games and listen to a metal interpretation of classic ranging from Zelda, all the way to Skyrim. 


Song List

0:07 Pong

0:17 Gunfight

0:21 Space Invaders

0:30 Pac-Man

0:37 Frogger

0:46 Dig Dug

1:01 Phozon

1:10 Tetris

1:34 Super Mario Bros.

2:01 Legend of Zelda

2:32 Punch-Out!!

2:55 Super Mario Bros. 2 

3:11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3:36 Super Mario Wrold

4:04 Sonic

4:20 Street Fighter II

4:45 Mortal Kombat 

5:17 Star Fox

5:52 Donkey Kong Country

6:04 Donkey Kong Country 2

6:24 Pokemon

6:48 Goldeneye

7:26 Ocarina of Time

8:08 Medal of Honor

8:39 The Sims

9:10 Animal Crossing

9:42 Battlefield 1942

10:14 Wind Waker

10:39 World of Warcraft

11:05 Civilzation IV

11:41 Twilight Princess

12:29 Super Mario Galaxy 

12:54 Fallout 3

13:23 Braid

13:43 Mass Effect 2

14:11 Skyrim

14:41 Super Hexagon

15:00 Last of Us

15:21 Dark Souls II