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The Brady Report 7/31/17

The Foods at the Texas State Fair This Year Include Deep Fried Froot Loops . . . Oreo Beer . . Is Owning a Cat the Hot New Trend For Men? A Guy Accidentally Destroyed a Rare Ferrari an Hour Into Owning It A Woman Fell Off a Balcony During a Threesome A Woman Tells 911, “I Have a Boa ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/27/17

What’s the Hardest Snack to Stop Eating Once You’ve Started? The Elements of the “Perfect Job” Include Five-Hour Days, an $80,000-a-Year Salary, and a Boss Who Likes… A Drunk Driver’s “Suspicious Vehicle” Had No Doors, No Plates, and an Ax Embedded in the Roof The 10 Things Parents Do to Prepare For a Vacation A Topless Woman With a Knife ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/26/17

People Freak Out Over a Ghost . . . Turns Out It’s a Pale Woman Skinny Dipping Women Who Show Cleavage at Work Are Considered Better Bosses and More Powerful Being Neurotic Helps You Live Longer? A Bad Font Choice Makes It Look Like a Tote Bag Says “My Favorite Color Is Hitler” A Woman Who Paid For Lipo With ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/25/17

A Study Finds Money Can Buy Happiness . . . Even If You Aren’t Rich We Break the Law an Average of 32 Times a Year . . . and Don’t Think It’s a Big Deal Dogs Go Through a Moody Teenage Phase Just Like We Do A Casino Just Got Hacked Through Its Internet-Connected Fish Tank Microsoft Is Killing ... Read More »

The Brady Report 7/24/17

Just Thinking About Exercise Can Make You Live Longer Spending More Than Two Hours a Day in the Car Makes You Dumber A Woman Steals a Cab . . . Then Picks Up Fares If Someone’s Looking at Your Feet, It Means They’re Just Not That Into You (NC-17) A Woman Died From a Flesh-Eating Disease Caused By Some S&M ... Read More »