UCrew Update

Possible New Tool Album By The End Of The Year

Well this is pretty exciting news to start off the weekend. A source close to Tool shared news with Crave Online that a new Tool record will see the light of day by the end of the year. This is pretty big news but the only thing that is kind of off about this whole thing is the source. This could be just some crazy fan or person who has nothing to do with the band just spouting nonsense.


The source says that Tool’s guitarist Adam Jones spoke with him last night at the bands opening night of their current US Tour stating that there will be a new Tool record by the end of the year.


Heres to hoping that this is 100% true and we get a new record. If not we all might just loose our minds!


Tool will be returning to AZ at the end of the month at US Airways Center. The show is SOLD OUT but Shan Man has your hook up during 10’O Clock Tool. So tune in for your chance to win!