UCrew Update

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck with Joe Cotela (Part 2)

Waiting for an opening to be successful is just a wish.  Lead vocalist, Joe Cotela, doesn’t believe in any luck when it comes to his band Ded. 

In fact, he believes that luck is earned, not given.  Everything he and the band have earned is all based in hard work.

When fans and fellow musicians ask him how lucky he and his band are, he doesn’t attribute any of it to luck.  In fact, Joe has a formula for his luck that can apply to everyone. 

And what about when it comes to happiness? In today’s episode, we learn how Jim Carrey is one of Joe’s influences when it comes to finding happiness. 

And did he actually write songs for a certain grunge rock band in the 90s? 

Also, learn who Joe’s top 5 vocalists are.

Enjoy today’s episode!