UCrew Update



The Wacken Open Air Festival does seem to be in an out of the way place in Germany considering how many people inhabit the small town of Wacken.  It was estimated that 86,000 people in all were residing in the small town just for the festival.

Wacken actually started in 1990 and was originally started as a way for local German metal bands to gain some exposure.  It eventually grew year after year to become the biggest and best metal festival in the world showcasing some of the best metal acts from so many various genres of metal.  Fan of black, death, folk, thrash, power, gothic and even nu metal can all be satisfied that their favorite style is represented.  If you like a lot of different types of metal, then this is your heaven.

It is no wonder that people travel from all over the world to experience Wacken.  It sells out every year, usually within a few months of going on sale, and this i salso before a majority of the bands are even announced. The Wacken team have had such a commendable history of getting greats bands that the ticket buyer has no fear of buying tickets without knowing the full line up.