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Mo Ro

Who is Slipknot’s new bassist?

  There still has been no official word on who the new drummer and bassist are for Slipknot. The most we have seen of them has been in the new video for “The Devil In I” but nothing too concrete. But it just so happens you DO happen to get a close up of the bassist’s hands and of course, someone ... Read More »

Corey Taylor gives a sneak peek at A new Slipknot mask

With the release of Slipknot’s new album hitting stores October 21st, the trailer for their upcoming “Prepare for Hell” tour has surfaced along with a sneak peak of a new mask. Check out the video below:   Now, with this new mask teaser, we’re still waiting on the unveiling of the bands’ new drummer and bassist. After  Joey Jordison announced he ... Read More »

FFDP Debut’s new Monster Truck ‘The Knucklehead’

As if the guys from Five Finger Death Punch weren’t busy enough… They’re gearing up for another US tour with Volbeat and Jeremy Spencer’s new autobiography in stores now, Zoltan decided to take a break out his busy schedule to debut the new FFDP monster truck called, ‘The Knucklehead’.   Maybe we’ll get to see this beast at The Big Red Night ... Read More »

Jeremy Spencer new autobiography talks about surviving “Death Punch’d”

Being in an internationally known and actively touring rock band, you tend to see and experience some sh!t. Five Finger Death Punch’s drummer Jeremy Spencer is no different. If you didn’t catch Jeremy’s interview with Holmberg’s Morning Sickness on Wednesday, he spoke with John and the guys about his new book “Death Punch’d: Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem”. “Death Punch’d”, ... Read More »

New Album For ‘Faith No More’ In The Works

It’s undeniable that a lot of our favorite bands are getting older. Most major bands are hitting their 20th Anniversary of either being a band or a special anniversary album. (See Pantera, Metallica, Offspring and so on…) But for Faith No More, it’s been 18 years since they’ve recorded their last album together, but the wait will soon be over. ... Read More »

Help record an album with Chino Moreno’s Team Sleep

It’s been damn near 10 years since the release of Chino Moreno’s side project “Team Sleep” and now they’re back! This time, they’re asking your help to record the album in a whole new way. The band posted on their Facebook Page the following statement: “Dear friends, Please join us as we create our next record in Woodstock, New York. We’ll ... Read More »

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl takes the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

If your social media feeds are flooded with #ALSChallenges… you are not alone. We can no longer escape the trend to raise money and awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) especially when your favorite bands and celebs are doing them as well. But one of the more recent, and entertaining, ones has to go to Dave Grohl.  He shared his #IceBucketChallenge ... Read More »

A Willy Wonka themed album from Primus that comes with chocolate!

So much going on in the world of Primus! With the recent announcement of their tour (yes they’re coming to Phoenix) its only right they have a new album coming out. And why not make it a Willy Wonka themed album and call it “Primus & The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble”. In a world of covers and remakes, this ... Read More »