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Remembering Oli Herbert with Phil Labonte of All That Remains (Part 1)

The loss of All That Remains guitarist, Oli Herbert, has been a difficult one for fans.  But Oli’s loss has been a trying one for Phil Labonte. Although Phil now has to deal with the endless questions regarding Oli, but there is difficulty in understanding a life without Oli in All That Remains.

Out of respect for Phil, today’s interview tried to remember Oli for what he had given to the world.  As you will hear, Phil shares that he can’t disclose too much about Oli because of the ongoing investigation surrounding Oli’s death.  Therefore, Part 1 of today’s interview tries to focus on what we remember best about Oli and his impact on Phil, the band and the world.

I promise, today’s interview isn’t all sad.  There are some funny moments that you will hear when my colleague, Bret Vesely, shares a special encounter with Oli a few years back.


Be The Experience Podcast with Phil Labonte (Part 1)

Be The Experience Podcast with Phil Labonte (Part 2)

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