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Rob Zombie Uploads Short Clip For Upcoming Concert DVD

Horror rocker Rob Zombie uploaded a short video today teasing an upcoming live concert DVD of his recent 2013 tour. The clip is very low quality and is only 15 seconds, but Zombie has said as much himself when he uploaded it to his Facebook page via Instagram.


The clip shows demons, light shows, crazy crowds, and crazy girls all in a matter of moments, so fans of Zombie are sure to be pleased.


The fact that Rob Zombie is even making this DVD seems a little out of place however considering his own stance on the issue in a recent interview with New York radio station, Q103.


“A live DVD for some reason to me, always seemed like a nuisance, because after the show is done, I don’t care, I don’t want to relive it. I mean, a certain member of the band films every show and wants to watch it immediately after the show. And it aggravates the f@## out of me. Who gives a s$#!? The show is over, I don’t care. I never wanna hear about it again, I never wanna see it again. Like, I never watch anything – a TV show I’ve been on; I don’t care. Once it’s done, it’s done. But I figured, at lease once, we should film it.”


Hypocritical? Do you agree with his stance? Or are you excited to buy it? No official release date has been confirmed at this time.