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Breaking Bad's Skyler White Incites Heated Online Discussions

Friday afternoon, Jimmy Taylor and I were testing the 98 KUPD Google+ Page to prepare fo our first Hangout (Tomorrow). While we were making adjustments to microphones and computers, Jimmy brought up the topic of Skyler White and how he believed that she will be the next character to exit this week's episode.  Although, we do have some speculation that Saul Goodman is in a close second--but we won't know until tonight's "Granite State" episode airs for 75 minutes.  

Needless to say, Jimmy had asked me if I had read the New York Times article that Anna Gunn had written about 2 weeks ago.  When I told him I missed it, we did a quick search to find the blog post. To my surprise, the op-ed was well-written and discussed the challenges of being one of the most-annoying characters on the show.  Gunn notes inside of the article that not only does the public have a general distaste for Skyler White, but they have also thrust this hatred toward the actress.  Facebook fan pages are dedicated to hating Skyler White and even some fans have posted to the page that they want to "kill" Anna Gunn.


How far is too far when it comes to having a general distaste for a character?

After I had read the article, I knew that I would share it on my Facebook and Google+ profiles.  Litttle did I know that the posts would incite some of the most sagacious conversation I've ever seen on my profile.  Normally responses to my posts are one-liners that usually tout why one band is better than the other.  No, that wasn't the case here.  I saw people writing full paragraphs that analyzed the complexity of Skyler's character as it played into Walter's overall plan.   

On my Google+ post, I even had one guy sell himself as an "expert" because he was in a panel discussion with Vince Gilligan.  Once he instigated this sentiment, the rest of the internet glommed onto his claim and....well, I'll just let you read it for yourself.  

Feel free to leave a comment on either of these posts to add to the discussion.  







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