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Drummer Meytal Cohen Covers Tool's 46 & 2 in Canada


OK, so it's no secret that I have a boyhood crush on Meytal Cohen. I mean, which guy wouldn't want to have a crush on a chick who wears skirts and shows cleavage all while drumming heavy metal songs all day long? Better yet, which girl wouldn't want to have a crush on Meytal? 

I digress, Meytal has come a long way since playing in creepy alleyways of Los Angeles. Since those early days of drumming System of a Down's "Toxicity", she now amasses close to a million views for each drum cover release. A feat that most YouTubers wish they could do in less than a year.

However, Meytal has been working at this YouTube drum cover video thing for a few years now. This didn't happen overnight for her.  Being dedicated to releasing a new video every week has certainly gotten her a ton of shares on the internet. 

It definitely helps that I subscribe to her YouTube channel and Facebook page when it comes to seeing a release of her videos, but there's no doubt that she has captivated males all over the globe.  But don't think that a horny bunch of losers are the only ones who are fans. Cohen has a dedicated fan base that have bought her products from her online store and even has a following of aspiring drummers.  

As you will be able to see at the end of this video, Cohen has jumped into the online business game and is giving away free drum lessons for anyone who wants them. 

As for this recent cover of Tool's "46 &2", I have to say that I'm equally mesmerized by her talent as well as the video production of this effort.  Also, if you haven't check out her cover of Slipknot's "Eyeless" it's equally as amazing.

These two covers were recorded in BC Canada.


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