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The Last Two Episodes of Breaking Bad to Clock-In at 75 Minutes

In case you're a passive DVRer and already have this week's Breaking Bad episode ready to record for a full hour, you might want to extend it extra long.  As I was strolling through my Google+ stream this evening, I came across this post that shot a link to a blog stating that the final two episodes will clock in at 75 minutes a piece.  Don't believe me? Check the post here:



Also, Breaking Bad writer/producer, Peter Gould, tweeted the following message yesterday:


And just for safe measure, the Mirror is reporting on the same story. So make sure that you have those DVRs set and plan on staying up a little extra late.  

If these episodes are 75 minutes long, you can only imagine the kind of bang the show will go out on. I don't anticipate many people getting a lot of work done for the following day as these last two episodes will be the water cooler talk.  If you're interested in a little extra post-episode banter, we're going to be hosting our first Google+ Hangout with myself, Jimmy from Philly, and Bret Vesely.  You will be able to watch the Hangout at this event invite on Monday at 3:30 PM.  We will also be posting a blog to our site that will have the Hangout broadcasting live.  

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