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Top 3 Tool Drum Covers

I love YouTube for the mere fact that I could spend hours upon hours looking up videos on the most inane content. Hell, the other night while I was here at work, I watched the entire Inside the Actor’s Studio: Eddie Murphy special.  Probably a bad, bad idea while on the air, right?  That James Lipton guy just reels you in!Top 3 Drum Covers

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I digress…


The other night while I was listening to the 10 O’Clock Tool segment, I couldn’t help but remain in awe of how calculated Danny Carey’s drumming is in each song.  I don’t know about you, but I’m totally infatuated with any drummer’s ability to keep time while moving every other limb on their body.  There are a lot of amazing drummers out there, but I’ll say this with no shame: I’m a Danny Carey fanboy. I’m mindblown each time I listen to one of his songs when 10 O’Clock Tool rolls around.


Then it got me thinking, “How many drummers have actually attempted to replicate Danny’s talent?”  You know, how many on YouTube are actually trying to throw down on the harder songs that Danny has recorded?  Believe it or not, there aren’t that many and the ones that attempt to play Danny’s material fail miserably.  So, let’s start my Top 3 list off with...


1.) Danny Carey “Lateralus”

What better way than to highlight the legend himself? Also, there aren’t a whole lot of quality Tool drum covers, so I figure I’d start with Danny anyway.


This video is part “cover”/ (if you could call Danny “covering” his own song) part interview on the type of drum kit he’s playing.  When you hit play on the video, all you will hear is Danny playing “Lateralus” without any music.  After about 30 seconds, you will hear the music fade up and transition into the main breakdown of the song--which happens to be my favorite.  


As you’ll be able to see, it just looks like he’s slamming on different toms and cymbals without any direction, but rest assured, the magic is in the music.  One thing to note in this song is the gong that he hits around the 1:48 mark.  Although I’m sure the original recording had a separate track to include the gong, but this live performance makes sure the gong is included with finesse.


I know there are drummers that can do a lot of amazing stick tricks to make their performance look quality, but I’m a believer that Danny doesn’t need to be a showman for the sake that his drumming is centered around creativity and geometric designs (as it is mentioned on his Wikipedia page).  

Who cares what he’s doing, I just love how he drums:



2.) Meytal Cohen - “Parabola”

Meytal emerged into my life one day in late 2011 as I saw her perform a cover Pantera’s “Domination”.  As I watched the video, I kept telling myself, “I know this chick from somewhere…”  Turns out she was one of the chicks in this System of a Down cover video:



Although it didn’t really matter that I knew I had seen her before, I did notice that she was:


a.) Cute

b.) Cute and really fucking good at playing the drums.


How the hell does this happen? Cute girls really aren’t allowed to be good drummers, right? . But, after watching her slam on Vinnie Paul’s drum parts, I was sold. Shortly thereafter she solidified the fact that she could be “hot” after I saw her do a cover of Lamb of God’s “Laid to Rest”.  Oh boy was I swoonin’.


After subscribing to her YouTube channel, I couldn’t wait for her drum covers every Friday.  I was hooked.  That led me to checking out the rest of her drum covers on her channel where I discovered she does a short cover of “Parabola”.  


You gotta cut her some slack in this song because the first half of “Parabola” is plenty of drumming, but the second half turns into your typical Tool song where it drones on for thirty minutes before breaking into music that matters.  


Anyway, check her out as she makes this song look easy to play.  Side note: Awwww, how cute that she’s wearing a dress. :)

I highly suggest checking out the other covers that Meytal has put out on her YouTube channel.


Also, she recently completed a Kickstarter campaign for $60K to make her own original music.  You gotta hand it to her and whoever is helping her.  She’s makin’ some serious dough doing this YouTube drumming thing.

3.) Jon Kew - “The Grudge”

After you watch one of Jon’s covers, you realize this is a down-to-Earth guy who just loves to play. As you will see, he fits his kit in a small room in the house and has arranged times with his neighbors as to when he can play/record.  


Jon is someone that I would love to just sit down with and have a beer with. When you watch his “making of” videos, you realize he’s not only talented, but extremely nice. In my opinion, this guy has the best cover out there on YouTube.  Naturally he wouldn’t get a million views for any of his covers as Meytal, but he should.  Especially when you check out this cover of “The Grudge”.  After the average viewer watches this, they’ll say, “Holy shit! How is he doing all of that?!”  

These days it takes a lot to impress me, so when you see me blogging about these videos you know I’ve got to be impressed.


Have you guys seen any other people doing amazing drum covers from other bands?


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4.) BONUS Video

Quite a few years back I remember coming across this video of Tony Royster Jr. doing a drum solo at 12 years old. This still blows me away...





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