Caption Contest for U-Fest Tickets - April 17th, 2012 until 11:59PM

Tonight's picture is a chance for you to showcase your wittiness to the the world--the world of 98 KUPD staffers---by giving us your best caption to this nerdy superhero.  The winner tonight will be going to U-Fest 2012 on April 28th, 2012.

Of course, there are a few rules that go along with tonight's contest, so let's get them out of the way:

1. Login to 98 KUPD's website through your username or by using your Facebook account.

2. Your caption ON THE 98 KUPD WEBSITE is your official entry.  Captions on Facebook are more than welcome, but are not counted.

3. You are more than welcome to place as many captions as you want, but remember that your first caption will be the one that is counted for entry.

4. There are other ways to be funny than being crude toward a person, race, or creed.  Any captions that are in poor taste is at the discretion of KUPD staffers.  If we find it offensive, you will be disqualified from the contest.

5. Captions will be accepted until 11:59 P.M. Arizona time.

6. Winners will be contacted the following business day by either phone or email.


8. Bring your A-Game and GOOD LUCK!


vanillagorilla's picture

vanillagorilla - And in second place as biggest dbag in PHX vs CHG series, next to Creepy E wearing a dress because Biznasty got his playing time, is this Blackhawk fan who tried and make his c$%k black by giving it frost bite.  Way to go doooooouche.  

CoreyBahnimptewa - Harry Potter takes the Charlie Sheen plunge...  

Nikki - Today I step into the shoes of a great man, a man by the name of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

(kick *** movie )    

AdrianMunoz - Holmberg's giving free spin rides on his dome again !


Shannon Hernandez's picture

Shannon Hernandez - Hey Samuel Ogborn, that's OK!  There will be other chances to do this!!  Who knows? Maybe someone here likes yours!  You never know!  

flippyta13 - The much anticipated Harry Potter/Star Wars **** parody video shoot halts production when producers realize that a fully naked R2 Unit isn't as **** as the Fan Boy blogs may have suggested.  

Colleen Collins - I had a happy thought and started to fly just like peter pan said.....but ill admit i let my thought get a little too happy :/


LiquidMercurial's picture

LiquidMercurial - Harry Potter role-play between Superman's son and R2D2 isn't as hot as it sounded...  

RyanBoyette - When I was looking for a spell to f**k China, this wasn't what I had in mind.  

JessiDeathBat's picture

JessiDeathBat - Since they don't have phone booths anymore, this is how Clark Kent gets his jollies.  

Terryrocksg08 - I need something to scratch my Hogwarts on my Slytherin.  

JoshPallister - Maybe with this spell I can finally get a piece of that Hermione. Engorgio Duro!!  

Fyroni - To get her attention, he decided to take 'Wingardium Leviosa' to the next level...  

katie.julian - "Hey guys you done taking the pic yet?? ...Guys?"  

JohnKoerth - JohnKoerth - Since he was in the Forbidden Forest, Harry thought he was safe from Moby ***** ****. 04/17/2012  

Imerican13 - Harry Potter wishes he had the heighth and gerth of R2!  

Anthony - I thought only 40 year old virgins had this much in em????  

KarenTroxel2 - OK I can do this next time higher tree and need to flap arms harder!!I CAN  fly and take these frozen sperm back to the mother ship!!!  

Nikki - screeeech !!!    

Nikki - screeeech !!!    

Nikki - screeeech !!!    

BrianEdge2's picture

BrianEdge2 - Beating up the walls is only an expesion, but my wand is kinda twiggy. Had to give it a try!  

Shaiix - After Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, he decided to try and accomplish his long time dream of becoming Englands first Superman. But first, he had to practice!  

BrianEdge2's picture

BrianEdge2 - Expression*  

Orly Theresonlyone's picture

Orly Theresonlyone - American Pie was so wrong this marshmellow feels so much better.  

MelissaBritt - The True Story of Harry Potter.  

Orly Theresonlyone's picture

Orly Theresonlyone - Greatest feeling ever! Tell me again why nobody tried to hook up with Stay Puft from Ghostbusters!  

Joshua White's picture

Joshua White - Alright guys, who's been ******* with the Harry Potter statue again!? 


Orly Theresonlyone's picture

Orly Theresonlyone - Everytime I see a pretty girl this happens. I told mama I was different then the rest of the boys in gym class  

Indyofthedead - Dude.... I have the wierdest boner right now...  

BrandonBarreiro2 - Alright officer I've got nothing. Its just so round and hard and I want it could be inside of me. Please don't take me to jail again. It will be the third time this month.  

bodhi - " So I jump for my wond and out of nowhere a chode pops from the ground, I know dude, yolo "


Jared Curtis's picture

Jared Curtis - Harry Staypufft nuts.  

ZachHigman - If Harry Potter was carrying a package that big how'd he end up with the ginger?!?!?!  

LuisTapia's picture

LuisTapia - I have perfect SuperPotter planking, my life is complete.  

AlexCrook - This is the last time i volunteer to be the spinner hermione.  

DanDrabik - Look at this ****** head!


anglundrcvr - Turns out Fred did in fact need a stick and not his ****** to roast the giant marshmellow  

DanDrabik - Look at this ****** head!  

TamiYazzie - If you can read my shirt... I'm not planking...  

Man_of_rock - I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away  

MissyBarney79 - Don't forget the strap on!!


Imerican13 - Excellcius maximus excitus erectus!  

Suzanne Montgomery's picture

Suzanne Montgomery - "chivalry isnt dead after all...oh ya and im GARDEN GNOME is "THIS" big."  

nclark121's picture

nclark121 - **** lisp! I said "make me some more", not "make me a s'more"!  

JoeLindquist3 - Ah..Mr.President...Sir...over here ...Mr.Obama...Yes sir. Iwould just like to say on behalf of the Secret Service and Myself. The trip to Columbia came off without a hitch, and was one of our easiest most enjoyable Operations to "date"

What's that Sir? ha ha ha good one Mr. President! Not a souvinier from the "ladies" in Columbia as a matter of fact we had very little contact with the good people of Columbia. It seems I just drank too much of the water, the local Doc. says should help with the leakage?







Alex Scouten's picture

Alex Scouten - I can't win anyway, I'm in NY. But if I went with the Harry Potter theme I'd go with "Expelispermus!". If this is not Harry Potter then I'd say this poor kid doesn't understand what "circle jerk" means...


PeterNurman - **** you Hermione Granger!  April Fools Day ended 2 weeks ago!  

Zoe_deib - The only action that ***** ever get is from this cement block...  

creagerjustin's picture

creagerjustin - oh no im falling