Caption Contest for U-Fest Tickets - April 17th, 2012 until 11:59PM

Tonight's picture is a chance for you to showcase your wittiness to the the world--the world of 98 KUPD staffers---by giving us your best caption to this nerdy superhero.  The winner tonight will be going to U-Fest 2012 on April 28th, 2012.

Of course, there are a few rules that go along with tonight's contest, so let's get them out of the way:

1. Login to 98 KUPD's website through your username or by using your Facebook account.

2. Your caption ON THE 98 KUPD WEBSITE is your official entry.  Captions on Facebook are more than welcome, but are not counted.

3. You are more than welcome to place as many captions as you want, but remember that your first caption will be the one that is counted for entry.

4. There are other ways to be funny than being crude toward a person, race, or creed.  Any captions that are in poor taste is at the discretion of KUPD staffers.  If we find it offensive, you will be disqualified from the contest.

5. Captions will be accepted until 11:59 P.M. Arizona time.

6. Winners will be contacted the following business day by either phone or email.


8. Bring your A-Game and GOOD LUCK!


LisaYazzie - Quidditch 101: "Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel, pick up your wand and balance yourself on that marshmellow!"  

JoeLindquist3 - Over here! Drop that pallot of 8 X 10 sheets of Graham Crackers next to the pallot of Hersheys bricks And lets get this threesome started!  

JoshWhittington - You fly like a *****.. Ahhh like a *****... Baazinga!  

JoshWhittington - You fly like a *****.. Ahhh like a *****... Baazinga!  

JoshWhittington - You fly like a *****.. Ahhh like a *****... Baazinga!  

JoshWhittington - **** they are absorbive....  

JoshWhittington - **** they are absorbive....  

JoshWhittington - White guy wearing a magnum.. Silly white guy magnums are for blacks..  

Art Doty - Art Doty- - ITS NOT A TUMOR!!!!!  

JoshWhittington - Easter keg hunt gone bad..  

TylerLucas - Man I must have lost my cape at my last planking session!  

Art Doty - My chute didnt open but thank god for my new hanes air bag!  

alexxxvenom - Looks like Daniel Radcliffe still can't get over the end of the Harry Potter series  

LisaYazzie - The string is ******* around my waist...  

TylerLucas - I may be a nerd, but I have a big **** *******!  

BrittanyPorter's picture

BrittanyPorter - To infinity and 3 feet high...  

BrittanyPorter's picture

BrittanyPorter - To infinity and 3 feet high...  

JoshWhittington - Yes I did just slip and fall in it hon ..what?  


StephenNeri - I have told you for the last time. Tell the mentally challenged kid down the street that he can fly and making him "fetch his wand"without touching the ground is not funny.  

LisaYazzie - Its a conspiracy I tell you...they dont have wings!  

mercykillings - Young Harry Potter mistakenly casts his Enormus Woodus spell while trying to conjure a trouser snake.  

crw74 - If I ciould just reach this wand, I could turn this bag into a naked chick.  

TinaKoestner - Sadly the poor man's blow up doll went strangly arwy...


VictoriaKU - A groupie actually asked for a "Plaster Cast" of me! (Thinking :"Still a virgin, is it in? " Well SOMETHING'S getting cast! Yay me! "Screw you guys!" "Should I have shaved 1st? What's pulling?" Owowowowow") ("Totally worth it!" I'm a history maker now!" "Screech!")