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Tonight I got a text from Bret Vesely telling me that he and one of our sales guys went through the Fright Nights haunted house at Golfland in Mesa. Well, from what I understand, Vesely went through the entire haunted house with only being scared a few times while our sales guy, Ben nearly peed his pants! After I got Vesely's text, I began to wonder what my audience was really scared of. You know, there are certain things people have a phobia about, but which one takes the cake?
Creepy Clowns
Black Widow Spiders
Great White Sharks
Clowns with a tattoo of a spider on their face
Sharks tattooed with a clown on their dorsal fin
Clowns riding a shark while being chased by a gigantic Black Widow Spider
A black woman whose husband died three years ago. Oh, and this black woman now loans out money to broke-ass losers.


BrianBice - People scare me.  

MelissaNewman - Roaches!!!   

Fyroni - Spiders don't really scare me, and I love sharks, and I suppose clowns are a little freaky...but a black widow that is a loan-shark to the broke-ass clowns of that is a scary scenerio!  :p  

NathanielPrivratsky - **********.  

azblitzkrieg - Roaches and heights  

JamesThurman3 - clowns with tats on their faces can be scary, but not as scary as ******* **** ******* who have been abducted by UFO's and are trying to join a wieght loss program  

ArielPerino2 - Yarn freaks me out.. Touching it gives me the heebs...even the thought of it makes me shudder..  

Fyroni - I suppose if I am being honest...a Roach would knock me on my ***.  Once saw one crawl from under my couch...ended up outside my apartment for 3 or so hours waiting for a friend to come find it and kill it.  I literally had one shoe, no car keys, no bra on - just sat outside with my phone.  lol  

azncnt's picture

azncnt - AIDS. AIDS scare the **** outta me. 

just cuz no one likes wearing a condom.  

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