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Slipknot Debut New Song & Masks!!!

The mighty knot have returned with new masks and a new song! Slipknot debut their brand new song “Unsainted” along with a music video for it. But thats not all! They also revealed their brand new stage masks for this album cycle.

“Unsainted” is everything you want in a Slipknot song. It’s super catchy and heavy as hell! Let us know what U guys think of the song and the masks in the comment section below!

The Knot will release their new album “We Are Not Your Kind” on August 9th through Roadrunner Records.

Photo by Alexandra Crahan-Conway

01 – “Insert Coin
02 – “Unsainted
03 – “Birth Of The Cruel
04 – “Death Because Of Death
05 – “Nero Forte
06 – “Critical Darling
07 – “Liar’s Funeral
08 – “Red Flag
09 – “What’s Next
10 – “Spiders
11 – “Orphan
12 – “My Pain
13 – “Not Long For This World
14 – “Solway Firth