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Svetlanas cancel tour with Barb Wire Dolls over death threats

After canceling their appearance in New Hampshire on November 3rd, Svetlana’s front-woman Olga Svetlana announced on the band’s social media that they are canceling the remainder of their upcoming tour with Barb Wire Dolls. The politically outspoken band says they received public and private death threats through social media, as well as being taunted by members of the neo-Nazi movement during their performance.


After the recent events, the countless pubblic and private death threats posts and not receiving, one more time, the support we need from the band we are touring with that refuses to take a clear stand against nazism, WE ARE FORCED to stop this US tour for deep and unresolvible devergences. We apologize with our fans and supporters but we do have to keep a clear position against ANY kind of violence and discrimination. Go back to school to learn history kids. This is SVETLANAS and if you don’t like it GO FUCK YOU SELF.” (Source)

In response, the Barb Wire Dolls issued the following statement on their social media:

“ANNOUNCEMENT: In the last 7 years we’ve played hundreds and hundreds of shows in lots of countries and we’ve never had any issue with discrimination or hate at our shows…until last night. Let it be known that we don’t tolerate discrimination or hate at our shows because we’re all about sharing the music with good loving vibrations. We’re very saddened to hear that both supporting bands, SVETLANAS and 57, have left the tour as of tonight because of circumstances that happened at last night’s show that involved discrimination and hate from someone we don’t know who attended the show, and because we were contracted to play the show, we still did. We’re very sorry that we didn’t back up the Svetlanas as they told us that we should cancel the show and leave, but at that time we were given false information from others at the venue and not until the today did we find out the full truth…but thats no excuse. We apologize to them. We wish both bands the best and all of our remaining shows will go on as usual – and we’re doing our best to spread more love into this world. It needs it now more than ever.” (Source)

Prior to canceling their New Hampshire show, the Svetlanas were halfway through their United States tour. The Svetlanas were scheduled to appear at The Rebel Lounge with Barb Wire Dolls and 57 on November 21st.



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