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The Brady Report 6/27/18

 A Man Goes to Jail for Threatening to Post Fake Yelp Reviews . . . Then Gets More Jail Time When He Follows…  The Most and Least Patriotic States in America  You Don’t Have to Be Nice to Your Partner During a Tough Time . . . Just Don’t Be Mean  Half of Us Try to Avoid Shaking Hands With ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/22/18

 A 66-Year-Old Mom Attempts a Drive-By on Her Son  It’s Picnic Season . . . Even Though a Quarter of Us Really Don’t Like Them  You Don’t Need to Go to a State Fair to Get Deep Fried Oreos Anymore . . . They’re Making a Home Version  Here Are the 10 Biggest First Date Turn-Offs  “Fake It ‘Til You ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/21/18

 A Man Successfully Robs a Shop by Slithering Across the Floor to Avoid Motion Detectors  A Drunk Woman Proposes to Her Designated Driver, Then Steals His Car When He Says No A Woman in an “Alcohol You Later” Shirt Is Busted For Drunk Driving  A Guy With the Last Name “Beer” Flipped His Car While Driving Drunk  A Father and ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/20/18

 A Guy With a Gun Tattoo on His Forehead Is Busted For Weapons Possession  Important Question: Is Male Chest Hair Hot or Not?  A New Pizza Box Turns Into a Table For Eating in Bed You Spend 284 Days of Your Life Dreaming About Being on Vacation A group in Vancouver pretended to sell unfiltered HOT DOG WATER as a ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/19/18

 A Couple Gets Busted for Having Sex in an Intersection . . . and the Woman’s Been Arrested For That Before,…  A Woman Steals Back Her Stolen Car, So the Thief Steals Her Rental  The Best and Worst States For Summer Road Trips  Here Are the Ten States with the Most Psychopaths  Could Millennials Kill Tipping? Two-Thirds Always Tip Less ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/18/18

 A Guy Gets Pulled Over For Driving Drunk . . . and Chugs the Beer in His Hand  A Man Named Ozzy Osborne Gets 30 Years in Prison For Murder  A Guy Threatens to Kill His Neighbors Because of His Severe Testicular Pain  A Woman Won Reese’s Outrageous Fan Contest For Naming Her Daughter “Reese Cupp”  A Husband Declares His ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/14/18

 A Woman Protects Her Family From a Fake Cop With Quick Thinking . . . and a Taco  A Girl at a Music Festival Somehow Got Her Head Stuck in a Tailpipe  77% of People Wish They Could Work From Home  There’s Now a Dippin’ Dots Cereal, and It Might Actually Be Good?  Wine-Flavored Water Now Exists . . . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/13/18

 A Woman Robs a CVS With a Knife But Says It Was Just a “Social Experiment”  A Waitress Is Busted For Skimming Customers’ Credit Cards on Her First Day  The Average Home Needs Nine Repairs Right Now . . . Plus the Ten We’re Most Likely to Put Off  The Way a Woman Walks Contributes to Her Sexiness as Much ... Read More »