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The Brady Report 8/27/18

A Guy Just Pleaded Guilty to Smuggling Six Pounds of Cocaine Inside a Neck Pillow  (NC-17) A Couple Couldn’t Conceive For Four Years . . . Turns Out They Were Having the Wrong Kind of Sex  Mayo, Florida Is Temporarily Changing Its Name to “Miracle Whip” . . . But They May Have Broken the Law to…  The States That ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/24/18

A Guy Forged Divorce Papers Using His New Girlfriend’s Signature  Check Out the 10 Worst Paying Jobs For Women A Mayor Is Busted Accidentally Praising Himself on Facebook Using His Own Account  A Security Guard Gets Fired After Documenting Five Months of His Own Farts on Instagram  A Resort Company in Mexico Will Pay You Six Figures to Travel For ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/23/18

 A Guy Posed As the Ghost of His Ex’s Mother to Try to Win Her Back  (NC-17) A Guy Got His Finger Stuck in a Sex Toy Vending Machine  A Drunk Guy Took a Cab to His Parents’ House to Sleep on Their Couch . . . But They Don’t Live There Anymore  You Won’t Hit Peak Self-Esteem Until Age ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/21/18

A Guy Who Waded into a River Full of Hungry Bears For a Selfie Didn’t Die, But Will Be Facing Charges A Chick-fil-A in Florida Just Opened 587 Feet From Another Chick-fil-A  A Family’s New Hamster Went Rogue and Destroyed the Inside of Their Car  A Woman Tricks Almost 100 Guys on Tinder to Show Up For a Group Date ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/20/18

 A Softball Coach’s Wife Who Mooned the Crowd to Distract Them After a Bad Game Looks Like She’ll Get Away…  A Golfer Is Charged with “Mayhem” After Biting Another Golfer’s Thumb Off A Topless 81-Year-Old Woman Is Busted Drinking Boxed Wine in a Park  A Restaurant in Mexico City Is Busted For Selling Tacos Made With Illegal Tarantulas  Archaeologists Found ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/16/18

A Librarian Is Going to Jail For Embezzling $89,000 to Spend on “Game of War”  Someone Stole $98,000 Worth of Ramen Noodles . . . Which Is at Least 300,000 Packages A Restaurant Is Dealing With “Disturbing and Hostile Customers” For Changing From Crinkle-Cut to Straight…  A Woman Celebrated Her 101st Birthday at the Taco Bell Where She Eats Weekly ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/15/18

A Guy Shot His Friend in the Butt After Arguing About Politics on Facebook  There’s a New Girl Scout Cookie on the Way! But Sadly, It’s Gluten Free  A Woman Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend, So He Steals Her Toilet?  Are These Extremely Public Urinals a Good Idea, or Just Gross?  Doctors Found a Woman’s Contact Lens Lodged Above Her ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/14/18

A Shoplifter Gets Arrested After Going Back for His Bible A Woman Grabs a Guy’s Decorative Sword and Robs Him with It  (NC-17) The New York Subway System Responded to a Woman’s Tweet That Offered Sex for Faster Service  The Cover of Yesterday’s “New York Post” Was a Full-Page Ad  McDonald’s Is Testing a French Toast McGriddle Would You Turn ... Read More »