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The Brady Report 5/2/18

The Cops Have to Intervene When a Woman Who’s Sexually Attracted to Vehicles Runs Through Traffic  Budweiser’s New Beer Is Based on George Washington’s Recipe From 1757  Someone Figured Out the Temperatures That Make People Say It’s “Hot As Balls” or “Cold As Hell” Facebook Just Announced a Brand New Feature That Will Basically Turn It Into a Dating Site ... Read More »

The Brady Report 5/1/18

 A Man Is Busted For Stealing Jorts From His Neighbor A Guy Tries to Escape From Jail Over a Razor Wire Fence Halfway Through His Four-Day sentence  Here Are the Five Worst People on a Plane and at a Hotel  The Top Ten Superpowers We’d Want to Have There’s a Rolex Watch with the Domino’s Pizza Logo . . . and ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/30/18

 A Man Flees From the Cops on a Motorcycle with an “XFELON” License Plate  A Woman Smashes Up a Popeyes When She Gets Their $4 Meal Confused with Wendy’s  (NC-17) Does Having Sex with a Robot Count as Sex?  Women Are Now Hiring Shrinks to Help Them Shop  If You Ask Siri to Define the Word “Mother” Twice, It Drops ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/27/18

 A Woman Tries to Rip Out Her Husband’s Catheter During a Drunk Fight  A Newspaper Delivery Guy Got Stabbed . . . and Kept Delivering Papers?  (NC-17) Cops Respond to a Call and Find an Erotic Bondage Session . . . Then Get Invited to Join  The Best Color to Wear on a First Date Is . . . Black ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/26/18

 A Woman Uses Someone Else’s Pee For a Drug Test . . . and It Tests Positive  Someone Just Created Crotchless Yoga Pants  There Are New Boxer Briefs That Store Your Junk “Upward” to Help It Breathe  The Best Way to Remember Your Vacations Isn’t Taking Pictures . . . It’s Drawing Them?  The New Trend Is “Helicopter Children” . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/24/18

A Man Brings Home Divorce Papers . . . So His Wife Shoots at Him A Guy Is Arrested For Attacking His Boyfriend With a Big Mouth Billy Bass  Scientists Have Confirmed That Uranus Smells Like Farts  Forget Boxed Wine . . . Now You Can Buy Boxed Liquor  Married Couples Who Make It 20 Years Are Happier Than Newlyweds Read More »

The Brady Report 4/23/18

 A Delta Passenger Threw Coffee, Overturned a Drink Cart, and Assaulted an Air Marshal  It’s National Picnic Day! Here Are Our 10 Favorite Picnic Foods  A City in China Is Letting People Out of Traffic Tickets If They Confess on Social Media and Get at Least… The Five Most Attractive Jobs for Men and Women  (NC-17) 56% of First-Time Hook-Ups ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/18/18

   A Guy Is Busted For Drunk Driving in His Underwear That Says “Breathalyzer, Blow Here”  A Kid Kept Playing “Fortnite” While a Tornado Destroyed His Neighbor’s House Not Smiling Doesn’t Make You Look Cooler The Higher Your Salary, the More Stressed You Are  You Start Becoming an Old Person at 41? Plus the Top 10 Signs It’s Happening Read More »