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The Brady Report 9/20/17

A Man Smuggles Drug-Filled Balloons Into Jail by Swallowing Them . . . Twice A Guy Is Facing Felony Charges For Writing His Name . . . and Drawing Male Genitalia . . . in Wet Cement Police Catch a Thief at the State Fair Because He’s Holding a Large Stuffed Unicorn Stupid Photo of the Day: Six Wedding Guests ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/19/17

Merriam-Webster Adds “Froyo,” “Troll,” and More to the Dictionary There’s a One-in-Five Chance Your Parents Hate the Name You Gave Your Kid An Employee Tried to Shoot a Golfer for Sneaking His Own Beer Onto the Course Police Are Trying to Track Down the Female Jogger Who Keeps Pooping on a Family’s Lawn A Dad Tries to Discipline His Kid ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/18/17

A Woman Lost Weight by Exercising with Two Cans of Baked Beans There’s a “Sexy Fake News” Costume on Sale For Halloween A Man Tries to Have Sex With a Weight Plate at the Gym . . . and It Takes Firefighters Three Hours to Get It Off Remember the “Hot Cops” From Florida Whose Photo Went Viral? Turns Out ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/14/17

An 81-Year-Old Woman Is Busted For Using Counterfeit Tickets to Ride Bumper Cars A Guy Who Was Busted For Pleasuring Himself in a Park Blames It on a Groundhog A Guy Tries to Rescue His Phone From His Burning Home . . . and Dies in the Fire Read More »

Holmberg As Liam Neeson On ESPN

Check out Holmberg as Liam Neeson on NFL On ESPN along with Frank Caliendo as they pick who will win the Super Bowl! Read More »

Holmberg’s Happy Ending

Holmberg’s Happy Ending featuring Jim Breuer, The Sklar Brothers and Emo Philips live at Celebrity Theatre. Read More »

The Brady Report 6/11/15

The Brady Report for 6/11/15 brought to you by Chester’s Harley-Davidson. Odd Looking Man Is Professional Witness? 94 Year Old Man Goes To Doctor About Stomach Pain – Finds Out His Has A Bullet In His Stomach From 60 Years Ago Pornhub Looking To Crowd Fund For First Porn Film In Space Man Fired For Having A Beer Can At ... Read More »