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The Brady Report 6/22/17


Here’s What Each State Has That’s Bigger Than Any Other State How Do You Draw a Circle: Clockwise or Counterclockwise? A Woman Pulled a Gun at a Drive-Thru, Because They Shorted Her One Chicken Nugget A Woman in a Bikini Contest Is Arrested For Hitting Another Contestant With a High Heel An 88-Year-Old Man Says a One-Eyed Prostitute Stole His ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/22/17


Six Foods You Should Never Grill . . . and One of Them Is Burgers? The #1 Thing We Want to Do on Vacation Is . . . Nothing A Kid Who Was Being Bullied Showed Up to School with 200 Bikers The Best and Worst States For Summer Road Trips A Guy Isn’t Allowed to Wear Shorts to Work ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/21/17


Today Is the First Day of Summer and . . . Spoiler Alert . . . People Are Happy About It Mattel Just Introduced New Ken Dolls With Man Buns, Cornrows, Dad Bods, and More The Main Reason Guys Cheat Is . . . the Other Person Was Really Hot (NC-17) The Top 10 States For Having a Threesome A ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/20/17


A Great Way to Lose Weight Is Not Getting Out of Bed All Weekend? A Lucky Charms Milkshake Just Went on Sale at Burger King A Baby Born Mid-Flight Will Get Free Plane Tickets for Life A Farmer Dies After His Pet Pig Bites Off His Junk in a Drunk Fight A guy in Arizona got naked and started punching ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/19/17


People Are Using Coca-Cola as Tanning Oil and They Really Shouldn’t The Latest Stupid Jeans For Sale Are 100% Crotchless A Guy Put a Mousetrap in His Mailbox to Catch His Neighbor Stealing Mail, but Caught a Postal Worker Instead A Man Gets an $870,000 Settlement Because a Doctor Removed the Wrong Ball A City Worker Embezzled Money to Get ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/16/17


7% of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows You’d Be Way Better Off at Work If Your Boss Disappeared Thieves Steal a Bunch of GPS Tracking Devices . . . Which Easily Leads the Cops to Them 19-year-old guy in Florida got arrested for battery on Monday, after he spit in his mom’s FACE while they were arguing ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/15/17


81% of Dads Say Mother’s Day Outshines Father’s Day . . . and Their Families Basically Agree Should There Be Music in Bathrooms to Cover Up Your Noises? The Key to Getting Through a Dentist Appointment Is Pretending You’re on a Lounge Chair on the Beach A 29-year-old guy in Alabama stole a delivery truck yesterday, and tried to lead ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/14/17


98% of Your Friends Would Give Out Your Personal Info to Get a Free Piece of Pizza A New App Just Sends You on Dates, Without All the Swiping and Texting A Viral Photo Shows People Putting Locks on Their Milk to Keep Their Coworkers From Taking It Grossest Photo of the Year: Surgeons Remove 30 Inches of Impacted Bowels ... Read More »

The Brady Report 6/12/17


There’s a House For Sale That’s Half in America, Half in Canada A Hazmat Team Goes to Disneyland After 17 People Are Sprayed With Mystery Poop An 18-Year-Old With 17 Hickeys on His Neck Is Busted For Trespassing A Guy Shoots Someone in the Hand With a Shotgun Shell Full of Rice Krispies Read More »

The Brady Report 6/9/17


Here Are the Five Ultimate Food Arguments A Police Dog Is Fired Because He Likes Belly Rubs Too Much There Are Two Months That Have Way More Divorces Than Any Others A Guy Calls 911 and Claims His Grandmother’s Dying, But He Really Just Wants a Ride to Hooters A Woman Tells the Cops Her Friend Sold Her Spider Eggs ... Read More »