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Being Authentically “You” At Any Cost with Carla Harvey (Part 2)

In last episode, I spoke with Butcher Babies frontwoman, Carla Harvey about the impact she’s making on the world with her side ventures.  Not only is she a successful front woman, but she has successfully attended school to become a mortician. In today’s episode, finish part of last week’s conversation about determination and persistence when it comes to having a ... Read More »

How Your Legacy Can Live On with Carla Harvey (Part 1)

For Carla Harvey, leaving a legacy isn’t just about making any type of music.  It’s about making music that makes and impact on her own life while she’s impacting others.  As one-half of the vocals of the band the Butcher Babies, Shannon shares this previously unreleased interview (conducted in early 2017) with Carla where they discuss the making of the ... Read More »

Music That Encompasses All Emotions

On October 26th, 2017, 98 KUPD-FM in Phoenix held Halloween-themed music festival called The Big Red Night of the Dead.  The bands featured for this festival included Of Mice and Men, In This Moment, Ded and Mastodon. A few days before the festival, Shannon was asked to conduct interviews of some of the bands, but he was never instructed as ... Read More »

Words Mean Everything (with Morgan Rose of Sevendust)

In April of 2018, the band Sevendust played their first show prior to the release of their latest album, All I See Is War. It would be the first time in over a year and a half that drummer, Morgan Rose, would take the stage and reconnect with the fans of Phoenix, Arizona. In this episode, Shannon shares an interview conducted with ... Read More »

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck with Joe Cotela (Part 2)

Waiting for an opening to be successful is just a wish.  Lead vocalist, Joe Cotela, doesn’t believe in any luck when it comes to his band Ded.  In fact, he believes that luck is earned, not given.  Everything he and the band have earned is all based in hard work. When fans and fellow musicians ask him how lucky he ... Read More »

The Best Stuff Comes When You’re Not Thinking, Part 1 (Joe Cotela)

At a distance, Joe Cotela (lead vocals for Ded) bears the congruence of an intimidating outcast whose life is filled with constant negativity.  The cold, dead eyes of his on-stage persona is a 180 degree contrast to who he is in his everyday life. In fact, Joe, the everyday human being, shares traits of empathy and compassion based on his ... Read More »

Exploring The Sound of Influence With Greta Van Fleet

Known for their uncanny sound that mirrors classic rock legends, Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet has reinvigorated fans all over the world with their music.   As much as they have heard about their striking resemblance to Led Zeppelin, they claim their influences range from a number of classic artists.  As a result, their chemistry as brothers make for a unique ... Read More »

The Origin of The Swing Shift Side Hustle

Welcome to the first episode of the Swing Shift Side Hustle!   Today I want to share this brief episode with you on the concept of this podcast and give you look at the thought process that has gone into this program.  This podcast wasn’t my own idea, but I took the idea and turned it into what you’re listening to ... Read More »