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Slayer Premiere Bloody New Video For Repentless

Thrash Metal legends Slayer have premiered their new blood soaked video for “Repentless”. The band holds nothing back in the video were we see people getting stabbed, eyes getting gouged out and a massive prison riot. Its pretty f***ing epic! The video was shot at Sybil Brand Institute in Los Angeles. Slayer’s new album “Repentless” drops today in-stores. This video is ... Read More »


Well you don’t have to wait till Record Store Day to finally hear some new SLAYER!!! The band released their new song “When The Stillness Comes” earlier today. It gives off a very old school Slayer feel. The song sounds like it could have come off of Seasons In The Abyss. Slayer will be headlining the 8th annual Rockstar Energy ... Read More »

Mayhem 2015 Poster Leaked

So we woke up this morning to the Mayhem 2015 poster being leaked (Wolverine Kills) all over the interwebs. The poster shows the bands that rumored to be on the festival last week (Slayer, King Diamond, Hellyeah and Whitechapel). Hopefully more bands will be added to the festival but if not this is a pretty killer lineup for Mayhem 2015!! Read More »

Bands Rumored For This Years Mayhem Fest

Ok let’s start the rumor mill going for this years linup for Mayhem 2015. The bands that are being thrown around for this year are: Slayer King Diamond HELLYEAH The Devil Wears Prada Whitechapel Thy Art Is Murder Pretty solid bands right there for this year. Mayhem Fest will be dropping the official announcement on April, 13th. Chcck back here ... Read More »

Big Four 8-bit Video Game

Now we never have to imagine what the Big Four would like look in 8-bit because Loudwire has made it a reality! Read More »

What Metal Album Covers Would Look Like As Jazz Albums

Artist Rafael Melandi has done something really cool, he has taken iconic metal record covers and redesigned them to look like old school jazz records. He calls the artwork Metazz. Take a look at some of the badass covers and then head over to his site to check out the rest.  Read More »