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The Best Stuff Comes When You’re Not Thinking, Part 1 (Joe Cotela)

At a distance, Joe Cotela (lead vocals for Ded) bears the congruence of an intimidating outcast whose life is filled with constant negativity.  The cold, dead eyes of his on-stage persona is a 180 degree contrast to who he is in his everyday life.

In fact, Joe, the everyday human being, shares traits of empathy and compassion based on his own experiences with music and how it has affected him and Ded’s music.

In this interview, Shan Man explores a deeper side of Joe, the human being.  Today you’ll discover:

  • What keeps his ego in check now that he and the rest of the band members are seeing success with their latest album, Mis•An•Thrope.
  • How he processed everyday negativity through his music and why it’s important to turn the negative into a positive.
  • Where he finds his inspiration to write his music for Ded.

Joe shares his secret sauce to writing music when he’s not on the road.  His secret is a great lead into this week’s question with Shan Man.

Enjoy PART 1 of this episode.