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The Brady Report 12/13/17


 A Babysitter Is Busted Using a Kid to Help Him During a Burglary

 A Guy Tries to Intervene in a Couple’s Fight . . . and Gets Thrown Off a Bridge

 American Men Last Longer in Bed Than Men Anywhere Else . . . But It’s Still Not Enough

 Today Is National Ice Cream Day? Really? Anyway Here Are Some Stats

 We’d Pay $1,445 to Avoid These Ten Things We Hate About the Holidays

A guy in New Jersey was defecating off the side of a bridge on Monday . . . and had to jump off into a river to avoid being hit by a train

A 34-year-old drunk guy in Illinois got arrested last Friday after he crashed his car . . . then identified himself as “Burger King” when the cops started questioning him