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The Brady Report 2/28/19

An Out-of-Control SUV Smashed Right Through the Front of an AutoZone

Police Catch a Suspect When a Fence Traps Him with a Giant Wedgie

A Guy Faces 15 Years in Prison for Dipping His Junk in a Customer’s Salsa

A Fight Over Buffet Crab Legs Turns into a Swordfight with Tongs

Nike Is the Most Valuable Apparel Brand in the World, Ahead of H&M, Adidas, Gucci, and More

A Woman Who Hurt Herself at Work Laughing at a Coworker’s Joke Has Lost Her Damages Claim

A New Hoodie Has a Built-In Pocket to Hold a Warm Slice of Pizza

What Does the Average Date Cost in 2019? Here Are the Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities