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The Brady Report 3/27/19

A Guy Is Busted with Fake Pee for a Drug Test . . . and Tries to Blame It on His Wife’s Fetish

A Drunk Driver Tries to Cover the Smell of Booze on His Breath by Spraying Axe Body Spray in His Mouth

A Woman in China Gives Birth to Twins from Different Dads After She Cheats on Her Husband

KFC Is Going to Host Cooking Classes Where They Officially Reveal Their Secret Recipe

8% of Parents Give Their Kids a Credit Card . . . Is That a Good Idea?

We’ve All Got a Fashion Choice We Made in the Past That We Cringe About Now . . . Plus the 10 Most…

A Guy Is Suing Motley Crue Because He Was Electrocuted on the Set of “The Dirt”