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The Brady Report 3/29/19

A Guy Graffitis “Dalai Lama” on a Building, Then Gets Arrested Again Hours Later for Spitting in a Woman’s…

A Man Cut a Hole in a Target’s Roof to Attempt a “Mission: Impossible” Burglary

A Former Employee Sues Hampton Inn . . . Because His Boss Tried to Force Him into an Exorcism

An 82-Year-Old Woman on Tinder Says She’s “Never Met a Man Who Doesn’t Want to [Eff]” Her

Someone Sued TGI Fridays Because Their Potato Skins Don’t Contain Any Potato Skins

A Guy Dressed as Batman Shows Up During an Armed Police Standoff and Offers to Help

46% of People Say April Fools’ Pranks are “Annoying”

The Average American Has 14 To-Do List Tasks They’ve Been Putting Off