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The Brady Report 4/03/17

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Two Guys Go to the Courthouse to Pick Up an Ankle Monitor . . . in a Stolen Car

A Man Spray Paints His Marriage Proposal on a Wall . . . and Gets Arrested

Do You Want a Date to Go Well? Scientists Have Found You Should Watch Porn Beforehand

A homeless woman in New York got arrested last week for spitting on a 7-year-old kid.  And when the cops found her, she was carrying over $19,000 in cash

A guy in Houston lost a bet last week, and his friends duct taped him to a “yield” sign on the side of the road.  Cops eventually had to cut him down

Some woman crocheted a blanket for her grandson that’s supposed to look like a shark.  But the dorsal fin looks a little R-rated when he’s lying down