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The Brady Report 8/13/18


 An Airline Employee in Seattle Stole an Empty Plane, Did Some Tricks, Then Fatally Crashed Into an Island

 A Woman’s Mugshot Goes Viral . . . and Now People Are Going to Her For Makeup Tips

 Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn Is Coming This Halloween

 7-Eleven Is Doing Buy One, Get One Free Slurpees All Week

 If You’re Out and Have a Bathroom Emergency, Where Are You Most Likely to Go?

 A Terrified Man Calls the Cops While Being “Stalked” by a Baby Squirrel

Drunk, Angry Wasps Are on the Rampage Right Now

 There’s a New Beer That’s Brewed to Boost Your Sex Drive

 A Brewery in Iceland Is Making a Beer Using Whale Testicles Smoked in Sheep Dung