UCrew Update

The Brady Report 8/20/18


 A Softball Coach’s Wife Who Mooned the Crowd to Distract Them After a Bad Game Looks Like She’ll Get Away…

 A Golfer Is Charged with “Mayhem” After Biting Another Golfer’s Thumb Off

A Topless 81-Year-Old Woman Is Busted Drinking Boxed Wine in a Park

 A Restaurant in Mexico City Is Busted For Selling Tacos Made With Illegal Tarantulas

 Archaeologists Found Cheese in an Ancient Egyptian Tomb . . . Now People Want to Eat It

A Guy Puts Up 300 Billboards to Apologize to His Girlfriend After a Fight

 The Coast Guard Rescues a Woman Who Fell Off a Boat . . . After Her Husband Didn’t Realize She Was Gone