UCrew Update

The Brady Report 8/10/17


 Here Are the Ideal Times to Wake Up, Eat Breakfast, Have a Drink, and Have Sex . . . According to “Active”…

 Science Finds Kissing Your Child’s “Boo Boos” Actually Does Make Them Better?

 Only 22% of Fortune Cookies Predict the Future . . . But Their Lucky Numbers Could Win You the Lottery

 Walmart Apologizes For Putting a Sign About Being a Back-to-School “Hero” on a Gun Display

A Dentist Chugged a Bottle of Vodka at Lunch, Then Went Back to Work

 A Guy Kicks a Six-Year-Old Girl For Picking Up His Tokens at Chuck E. Cheese

A Boat with Battery Trouble Calls the Coast Guard . . . Which Finds 1,200 Pounds of Marijuana on Board