UCrew Update

The Brady Report 8/7/17


There Are Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreos and Cookie Butter Oreos Coming Soon

Next Year’s Crop of Emojis Could Include a Sad Poop, a Hippo, a Bagel, and Toilet Paper

A Runner Collapsed Before Winning a Race, but the Guy in Second Picked Him Up and Pushed Him Over the…

Stupid Photo of the Day #1: Wichita State University Misspells Two of Its Three Words on a Water Tower

(NC-17) Women Who Watch Porn Are Less Sexually Satisfied . . . Because You Don’t Measure Up to the Porn Studs

 A Woman Stole $60 Worth of McDonald’s Condiments

A Guy Surrenders to the Cops So They’ll Take His Unflattering Mugshot Off Facebook