UCrew Update

The Brady Report 8/8/17


The New Viral Food Craze is a Swineapple . . . a Pineapple Stuffed With Ham and Wrapped in Bacon

 Here’s How to Watch the Eclipse While Hunting Bigfoot, Looking for UFOs, or Eating at a Waffle House

Drinking Moscow Mules Might Be Slowly Poisoning You?

 A Restaurant in China Will Give You a Huge Discount if You Have Big Boobs

A Guy Is Suing Heineken After He Found Two Geckos in His Beer Bottle

 A Guy Tries to Deposit a One Million Dollar Bill, and Gets Busted for Meth

 (NC-17) A Guy Is Busted For Pleasuring Himself in Public, Then Going Into a Massage Parlor and Lubing Up