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The Brady Report 9/22/17

A Guy Just Stole Someone’s Christmas Tree . . . Yes, in Mid-September  A Woman Steals a Bottle of Vodka After Holding It Up and Announcing “I’m Taking This”  A Woman Gets a Surprise Amazon Package . . . Turns Out Her Parrot Ordered It Using Alexa  (NC-17) The Ten Most Googled Questions About Sex The Ten Beers That Make ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/21/17

 A Carnival Worker Climbed a Ferris Wheel to Save Two Kids  (NC-17) A Guy Got Arrested Just So He Could Sell Drugs in Jail for More Money  A Guy Slaps Someone Across the Face to Steal His Cheeseburger  Someone’s “Body Chopped in Half” Early Halloween Decoration Is Already Getting 911 Calls  Taco Bell Is Going to Stop Having Drive-Thrus . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/20/17

A Man Smuggles Drug-Filled Balloons Into Jail by Swallowing Them . . . Twice A Guy Is Facing Felony Charges For Writing His Name . . . and Drawing Male Genitalia . . . in Wet Cement Police Catch a Thief at the State Fair Because He’s Holding a Large Stuffed Unicorn Stupid Photo of the Day: Six Wedding Guests ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/19/17

Merriam-Webster Adds “Froyo,” “Troll,” and More to the Dictionary There’s a One-in-Five Chance Your Parents Hate the Name You Gave Your Kid An Employee Tried to Shoot a Golfer for Sneaking His Own Beer Onto the Course Police Are Trying to Track Down the Female Jogger Who Keeps Pooping on a Family’s Lawn A Dad Tries to Discipline His Kid ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/18/17

A Woman Lost Weight by Exercising with Two Cans of Baked Beans There’s a “Sexy Fake News” Costume on Sale For Halloween A Man Tries to Have Sex With a Weight Plate at the Gym . . . and It Takes Firefighters Three Hours to Get It Off Remember the “Hot Cops” From Florida Whose Photo Went Viral? Turns Out ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/13/17

 A Man Tries to Meet an Underage Teen From Craigslist . . . Then Calls the FBI to Report the Boy Tried to…  The Best Places in America to Celebrate Oktoberfest  Olive Garden’s All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Passes Go on Sale Tomorrow  Only 34% of People Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Plus Seven More Stats on Popular Fall Foods  The New iPhone Unlocks ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/12/17

A Florida City Offers Free Garage Parking For People During the Hurricane . . . and a Car Dealer Hogs It  Thieves Steal a U-Haul . . . Then Abandon It When They Find a Dead Body Inside A Woman Sues Because a Loan Company’s Ad Said Paying Off Debt Would Feel Like “an Orgasm” . . . and It ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/11/17

 26% of People Have Had Their Day Ruined By a Negative Comment on Social Media  You Sleep Better If Your Dog Is in the Room . . . But Not Your Bed  Science Proves That Listening to Music Makes Sex Better  The Good News: A Guy Gave a Store’s Last Generator to a Random Stranger . . . and Another ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/7/17

 A Couple Argues Over Whether the Guy Is Too Drunk to Drive . . . and He Sets the House on Fire  (NC-17) A Guy Gets a Drinking Glass Lodged in His Rectum, and Doctors Have to Remove It Through His Abdomen  People Are Less Likely to Date Someone Who Went to Their Rival College  Men Now Spend 59 Minutes ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/6/17

 A Woman Says Her Husband Couldn’t Have Robbed a House . . . Because They Were Busy at a Swingers Club There’s a New Vodka Made From Old Twinkies and Baked Goods A Photo Shows the One Thing Still in Stock in Houston Grocery Stores: Vegan Meat Substitutes  The Majority of Adults Still Have Their Childhood Teddy Bear A Woman’s ... Read More »