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Listen to Holmberg’s Morning Sickness every weekday morning to hear the latest, ridiculous news from Brady Bogen! Check out Brady’s blog below for links to all his latest reports.

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The Brady Report 11/7/17

 Is Anything Here Real? A Cop Poses as a John to Catch a Woman Posing as a Prostitute  After a Pledge Dies, Florida State Suspends All of Its Fraternities and Sororities  You Can Now Buy Ranch Dressing in Kegs Salted Caramel Pepsi Is Now on Sale, But Why?  The Majority of Us Lie to Our Relatives to Avoid Uncomfortable Sleeping ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/6/17

 A Guy Who Repeatedly Hired Prostitutes to Strip on His Neighbor’s Porch Gets Four Years in Prison  A Woman Faked Her Own Death to Go on a Shopping Spree with Her Husband  People Whose Moms Nagged Them Grow Up To Be More Successful  Here Are the Best and Worst Days to Travel This Thanksgiving  Tiffany’s Is Selling “Ordinary” Objects This ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/3/17

 “Fake News” Is Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year  A Guy Has Eaten Chipotle For 368 Days in a Row and He’s Closing in on the World Record  Ice Cream That Tastes Like Thanksgiving Foods, Including Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing, Just Went on Sale  Vegetables Are About to Get Sexier Names . . . Because Then We’ll Actually Eat Them ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/2/17

 A Mom Needs to Secure a Plastic Pool to Her Minivan’s Roof . . . So She Straps Her Nine-Year-Old on Top  Are Holiday Cards Still Relevant Today?  A Girl Gets Revenge on Her Ex By Cutting Off His Netflix Access Halfway Through His “Stranger Things” Binge  Junk Food Overload: The McRib Is Back . . . Jolly Rancher Milkshakes ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/1/17

 A Judge Sentences a Guy to Write 144 Nice Things About His Ex-Girlfriend  So . . . Um . . . Apple Has Secretly Been Cataloging Photos of You Wearing a Bra  A Staples Employee Wears a Blackface Halloween Costume That Goes Over About As Well As You’d Expect  Samuel Adams Just Announced a $199 Beer That’s Illegal in 12 ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/31/17

 A Man Grinds His Crotch on a Woman on the Subway . . . Who Turns Out to Be a Cop  A Guy Calls 911 When He Finds a Stranger Dressed as a Clown Sleeping in His House  The Ten Most Common Phobias Include Heights, Spiders, and Public Speaking  Searches For “Scary” Porn Skyrocket Around Halloween  At Least 45% of ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/30/17

 A Hooker Offers Her Services to an Undercover Cop . . . in Exchange For a Beanie Baby  A Woman Accidentally Rips Her Boyfriend’s Junk When She Tries to Watch TV During Sex  A Guy at a World Series Game Sees His Apartment Catch on Fire From the Stadium  Your Pumpkin Pie Probably Contains Absolutely Zero Pumpkin  The Door Handle ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/27/17

A Guy Robbing a Store Says, “We Can Do This the Easy Way, or the Hard Way” . . . Then Gets Knocked Out by…  Police Finally Catch an Elusive Ninja Thief . . . Who Turns Out to be 74 Years Old  The Newest “Hot” Criminal Is a Female Gang Member in California  A Study Finds It’s Really Hard ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/26/17

 A Guy Gets Arrested for Stealing His Wife’s Purse  Thieves Break Into a Car and Leave Behind a Nintendo 64  A Woman Crashes a Wedding to Spy on Her Boyfriend . . . and Winds Up in a Brawl With the Bridesmaids  The 10 Best Baseball Cities in America  A Woman Who Married Herself Admits She’s Been Cheating on Herself ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/25/17

A Woman Tried to Steal a Frying Pan by Hiding It in Her Skin-Tight Yoga Pants  Officers Chase Down Suspected Poachers in a Cemetery . . . and Find Out They’re Actually Ghostbusters  Mega Millions Tickets Are Doubling in Price, From $1 to $2 The Average Couple Argues 19 Times a Month  A Garbage Truck Crashed Into a Gift Shop ... Read More »