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Listen to Holmberg’s Morning Sickness every weekday morning to hear the latest, ridiculous news from Brady Bogen! Check out Brady’s blog below for links to all his latest reports.

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The Brady Report 1/30/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: If You Get a Call That Starts With “Can You Hear Me?” It’s a Dangerous Scam A Man Busted For Speeding Says the Radar Caught a Deer Running By, Not His Car Police Use a Man’s Pacemaker to Bust Him For Arson A College Student Confused Covered Lab Equipment With a KKK Rally A ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/25/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: Twinkies Ice Cream Is Now in Stores McDonald’s Is About to Give Away 10,000 Bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce A Study Finds Kids Like Their Pets More Than Their Siblings (NC-17) Sex Toys Have Fewer Dangerous Chemicals Than Kids’ Toys? A Man Stole $150,000 From Veterans to Fund His Internet Porn Habit Some ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/24/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: Talking About Good News Before Bed Helps Your Sleep, Your Health, and Your Sex Life (NC-17) 44% of People Are Open to Group Sex, and Three More Stats From a New Sex Survey A Woman Hits Her Husband For Showing Off a Nude Photo of His Dead Ex-Wife A Chef Threw Chili Powder in ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/23/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: The Five Dumbest Things Employees Have Done to Get Fired 10% of People Don’t Own a Single Book . . . But They Have Tons of Gadgets (NC-17) The Man With the World’s Largest Junk Says It Prevents Him From Working Two Burglars Are Scared Off By a Guy’s Sex Doll Read More »

The Brady Report 1/19/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: A College Is Looking For a Professor of Legos . . . and You Can Apply Do You Really Need to Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them? A Guy Returns a Library Book That’s 100 Years Overdue (NC-17) A New Device Provides Smells For Your Virtual Reality Porn A Guy Tells a Woman ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/12/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Man Got Fired for Skipping Work for His Son’s Birth, but He’s Getting Tons of Job Offers The Predictions For the Hottest Baby Names in 2017 Include Beatrice, Thor, and Zelda The 10 Most Hated Companies in America A Man Got Stuck in a Wall While He Was Looking for a Secret Pool ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/11/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: Which Girl Scout Cookie Is the Best? (NC-17) Science Says You Need to Start Pleasuring Yourself at Work (NC-17) A Guy Is Caught Shaving His Hair-Down-There With a Knife in a Bullet Train Bathroom According to a new study, the NFL players who draw the most penalties also get ARRESTED the most A bunch ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/10/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: Two Ways to Get a Bigger Glass of Wine at Restaurants A Guy Gets Into a Three-Hour Armed Police Standoff After Someone Takes a Bite of His Grilled Cheese People have been posting photos on Twitter of animals that look crazy without hair or feathers . . . like bears, hedgehogs, and owls A ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/9/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: A Guy Hired 50 Strippers to Dance on Jeeps at His Father’s Funeral There’s Only a 34% Chance Anyone Will Respond to an Email You Send Zombies Would Totally Wipe Out Humanity in 100 Days or Less A Woman Drives Into a River to Avoid the Cops . . . and Keeps Drinking Her ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/6/17


Brady Report Brought To You By: The Best Job in America This Year Is Making Apps The “Washington Post” Celebrates Women by Accidentally Using the Symbol for Men A Woman Threatens to Kill Some Lottery Officials Because She Never Wins (NC-17) Six Stats from Pornhub’s Year-in-Review A Man Who Hid a Camera in His Neighbor’s Bathroom Says He Thought She ... Read More »