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Listen to Holmberg’s Morning Sickness every weekday morning to hear the latest, ridiculous news from Brady Bogen! Check out Brady’s blog below for links to all his latest reports.

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The Brady Report 1/5/18

 A Guy Is Busted When He Asks Cops For Directions to a Drug Deal  The Ten Things That Annoy Bartenders the Most  Tons of People Have Been Trying to Find Someone to Hook Up With During the Bomb Cyclone  McDonald’s Is Testing an Updated Version of Its Failed ’90s Arch Deluxe  A Woman Poses as Her Sister on Tinder, Puts ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/4/18

 (NC-17) An Inmate Claims the Drugs in His Rectum Weren’t His  Hooters Stock Skyrocketed After They Announced They’re Getting Into Cryptocurrency?  A Woman Thought She Had a Serious Bowel Disease . . . But She Had Just Swallowed a Ketchup Packet  Glitter from a Holiday Card Landed a Woman in the Hospital  A Guy Gets Out of a Ticket Because ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/3/18

 A Couple Is Arrested For Getting-It-On in a Booth at a Restaurant  Lightning Deaths Were at an All-Time Record Low Last Year  A Woman Was Hospitalized on Christmas Eve After Binge Eating Tamales  A Woman Says She Was Fired For Complaining About a Coworker’s Body Odor  The Top Night For Makin’ Babies in 2018 Was Last Night? Read More »

The Brady Report 12/15/17

 A Guy Set Fire to a Strip Club to Keep His Girlfriend Off the Pole  People Have Stopped Taking Ambulances and Started Taking Ubers  One in Three Adults Live With Roommates or Their Parents, Which Is an All-Time High  There’s Only One Point in a Woman’s Life When They’re Happier Than Men: When They’re Old and Their Husband…  More Cookies ... Read More »

The Brady Report 12/14/17

 A Woman Wants the Cops to Focus Less on Her Friend Being Hit with a Garbage Can and More on a Pizza Place…  A Surgeon Admits to Signing His Initials on Patients’ Livers  The Last Random Internet Debate of the Year: How Do You Cut Your Toast?  39% of People Will Get Drunk Before Family Holiday Gatherings, Plus the Other ... Read More »

The Brady Report 12/13/17

 A Babysitter Is Busted Using a Kid to Help Him During a Burglary  A Guy Tries to Intervene in a Couple’s Fight . . . and Gets Thrown Off a Bridge  American Men Last Longer in Bed Than Men Anywhere Else . . . But It’s Still Not Enough  Today Is National Ice Cream Day? Really? Anyway Here Are Some ... Read More »

The Brady Report 12/12/17

 Two Tourists Lied About Being Robbed in Chicago to Have “Some Fun” Celebrating a Birthday More Than One in Seven People Have Lost Their Wedding Ring  The Average Couple Spends 132 Hours a Year Deciding What to Eat  Remember When People Could Submit Ideas for Oreo Flavors? Here Are the Three They’re Making  The 10 Best Cities for New Year’s, ... Read More »

The Brady Report 12/11/17

 A Guy Is Busted For Shoplifting During a “Shop with the Sheriff” Event  Would You Give Up Alcohol, Social Media, or Your Hair to Wipe Out Your Student Loans? The Average American Spends $70,000 on Takeout During Their Life A Woman Says She’s Had Sex with 20 Ghosts, and She Likes Them Better Than Men 61% of People Worldwide Believe ... Read More »

The Brady Report 12/8/17

 A Guy Was Speeding So Fast to a Booty Call He Didn’t Realize the Cops Were Chasing Him  A Bank Robber Says He Knew He’d Get Caught, but Just Hoped He’d Make It Through the Holidays First  The Most Popular Dog Names From 2017  We Unlock Our Phones For No Reason Almost 4,000 Times a Year  We Spend $1,600 a ... Read More »

The Brady Report 12/6/17

 A Guy Stabs His Roommate For Not Bringing Beer to His Party  GM Is Launching a New Feature That Lets You Shop While Driving JetBlue Is Giving Three People Unlimited Free Flights Next Year What Beer Are People Searching For the Most in Every State? A College Student Says She’ll Dress as a Christmas Tree For the Semester If She ... Read More »