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The Crazy Antics Of UFEST Artist letlive.

If you have not had the chance to see the band letlive. in concert yet, you are missing out.  I have had the chance to see the band twice and both times they impressed the hell out of me.  The amount of raw energy that is expunged onstage at their show is inspiring and also rare with bands as of late.  My first exposure to letlive. was during last years Warped Tour.  The shockwave of music burst through the speakers as much as it poured through their own bodies which were writhing and chaotically grooving to their own sound.  Jason passionately sang and moved with such a fervor, that he went through three separate microphones during their performance because they kept breaking.  I have been told that they go through so many mics that they have to bring their own supply on tour.  The Dillinger Escape Plan is the only band that reminds me of letlive.’s explosive style.  I was immediately a fan from the first song.


I was able to catch letlive. open for Every Time I Die at the Pub Rock In Scottsdale last December and again, they put on another energy packed show.  Jumping all over the stage and hanging from the ceiling and speaker supports.  letlive. is a band that love what they do and you can see it in their stage presence.  You realize there is no other place they would rather be than onstage in front of an audience.  They’re truly one of the great live performances that people actually get excited about when describing the show they witnessed.  Check out letlive. at UFEST and tell me I’m wrong about them.  I bet you can’t.


letlive. recently played The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia March 6th and Jason climbed up to the balcony during the middle of a song.  Impressively he had a corded microphone and sang from the balcony before climbing down again.  Unfortunately, the venue was not pleased with his antics and shut down their set early. 

Check out the footage below from Wsquaredfilms: