UCrew Update

The Grammys Suck!!

Metal fans everywhere are causing a stir over Slayer’s late guitarist Jeff Hanneman not being including in their “In Memoriam” segment which pays tribute to all the musicians that have passed the year prior. We are not saying that Hanneman should have been the center of attention during the segment, but he should have been included. Without Hanneman we wouldn’t have metal classics like “Reign in Blood”, “South Of Heaven” or “War Ensemble”. Hell, we wouldn’t have most of the metal bands around today if it weren’t for Hanneman or Slayer.


The Grammys did get one thing right during their “In Memoriam” segment by showing the late Deftone’s bassist Chi Cheng. Regardless of what The Grammys did or didn’t do, we sure as hell miss both Hanneman and Cheng! There is one giant hole left in the metal/heavy music scene without those two guys around.