UCrew Update

The Origin of The Swing Shift Side Hustle

Welcome to the first episode of the Swing Shift Side Hustle!  

Today I want to share this brief episode with you on the concept of this podcast and give you look at the thought process that has gone into this program. 

This podcast wasn’t my own idea, but I took the idea and turned it into what you’re listening to right now.  I must give big thanks to Dominic Borgognone for coming up with the initial idea for the podcast and scheduling out the guests we have gotten up to this point. 

I can’t wait for you to listen to these interviews and share your experiences with me. 

It’s my goal to be as active with the audience of this podcast as much as possible, so please take note of how you can reach out to me and engage with the podcast.  

By the end of each podcast, I will pose a question for you to answer.  Feel free to reach out on social media, but I would really love it if you left me a voicemail.  I’ll do my best to share your voicemails on an upcoming episode of the podcast, so feel free to ask any questions or answer any questions I have for you.