UCrew Update

Tucson Reporter Takes A Tumble

Earlier last week, UofA’s Wildcats took on the Colorado Buffaloes at the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for their March Madness run to the top. Well they were not the only ones running thanks to a dedicated reporter from Tucson’s own KVOA station. In an attempt at a humorous exit from his segment, reporter Paul Cicala sprinted full force down the street in order to make it to the game on time, only to trip and end up sprawled on the asphalt. You have to admire his dedication though.

The fall happened right as the camera cut away, but sadly Paul’s accident just barely made it to live television for the world to see. Whether he was trying to ignore his co-worker’s stumble, or if he simply did not see it, I must admit I was impressed by the unflinching professionalism of the anchor. Perhaps it is just another day in the office for him? Work rivalry? Missed it? Either way he simply did not give any of a certain expletive.

You can check out the entire video at the HMS Facebook page