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Uproar Over 9-Year Old Girl On Stage At Five Finger Death Punch Concert Due To Lyrics

By Thomas Cowley


Several people in the Fort Myers, Florida area have expressed outrage over the fact that a young girl by the name of Olivia was brought on stage during a performance by the rock band Five Finger Death Punch at the Fort Rock festival.


Apparently, lead singer Ivan Moody attempted to get Olivia to sing along with the song “Burn Motherf@#$er Burn” fittingly from the song “Burn MF”. They were going to title the song “Please Ignite, Adversary” but you know how people are, they need things spelled out for them.


Despite the encouragement, Olivia did not say the lyrics and instead simply stood on stage. How did she get there? Well that was thanks to her father Mark Douglas who also recorded the footage. According to him, the words were not too obscene for her. “It’s a bad word, yeah. It’s a word. That’s all it is. It’s a word…Everyone cusses. They are going to hear it at school. They are going to see it on TV, movies…It’s everywhere…You’re not going to get rid of violence…ever. You’re not going to get rid of cussing, swearing.”


And in truth that is where this story should have ended. Of course that didn’t happen, but it should have.


Instead, several people started vocalizing their opinions ranging anywhere from “disagreeable” to calling it a form of child abuse as Fort Myers attorney Miguel Fernandez did. According to Fernandez, “This is a form of abuse. This child is being used as a prop. I feel sorry for this child. This child is helpless in that position. What does this child do? She’s frozen. To hear lyrics like that, what does it promote? It promotes violence. It promotes criminal mischief. It promotes…just chaos.”


Attorney and part time Joker cosplayer Fernandez is not the only one who thinks this way. County Sheriff Mike Scott has been working to protect children and the youth from “obscene rappers and rockers” who perform in his county. In his opinion when discussing the FFDP concert he said, “Words can’t describe my disgust, and this should never, ever be allowed in a county park.”


While people are quick to call the father a bad parent, I think people are overlooking the fact that the little girl did not give into peer pressure on a massive scale and did not swear despite all the encouragement. Either some good parenting went into her upbringing, or she is genuinely a good girl, yet despite this fact, people want someones head on a spike.


Did anyone ever think that maybe she just stood there cause she was uncomfortable and didn’t want to be at her dad’s “lame concert”? I know as a child my parents would constantly put me in uncomfortable situations in order to grow as a person. Why are we immediately demonizing someone for a single screenshot of their life?


These days it seems like everybody gets in an uproar every other day about something that happened somewhere to someone else entirely and has nothing to do with them. While sometimes there are genuine reasons to get upset, other times people are involving themselves in other people business. Everyone believes that they must be heard or that their opinion is infallible and therefore must become law. And believe me, the hypocrisy of this statement does not escape me, so take this for what you will. “Burn MF” may not have been the best song to send her out on, and perhaps that Moody made a bad judgement call when trying to get her to sing along to that particular song, but the fact that people are calling for CPS to investigate seems like overkill. Why don’t we all just enjoy a concert and an awkward dad for what they are?