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Video Games and Music Together?

It should come as no surprise that the music industry has had a tumultuous relationship with the internet and all things digital for quite some time now. As a result many musicians have sought other ways in which to get their music out to the public while maintaining the artist lifestyle. Heavy touring additional concert shows, free downloads and many other avenues have been incorporated in an attempt to continue the status quo. Well the newest scheme involves combining the art of music and the video game industry.


While this may not seem like an entirely new idea, (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc) the way in which Arnold Nesis and his team are hoping to incorporate music with video games is something entirely different. They hope to make a music album into a video game.


This new project hopes to create an interactive listening experience in which players will help craft their own music video game rather than a traditional music video. The story will unfold through the music in the game and help craft the world around the player. “The Birdcage” as it has been titled, is a re-imagining of the French fairy tale “The Beauty and the Beast” with a somber, almost survival horror like vibe to it according to the trailer.


The entire project is being funded through Indiegogo and already has several bands and musicians behind the project including Guns N’ Roses Bumblefoot Thal. Unlike Guitar Hero or a independent Point-and-Click adventure game, The Birdcage intends to be a full blown game that simply incorporates music and the storyline in a way that has never been seen before.


Whether or not this is in fact the future of the music industry has yet to be seen, and with the eventual implosion of the Guitar Hero franchise, it’s hard to say if this will all come together, but certainly it is an interesting idea. The game trailer can be found here, a trailer detailing the creators goals can be found here, and those interested in contributing to the project can help with funding over at their Indiegogo site.


Will this be a new avenue for music?