UCrew Update

White Xbox One On Sale For $2700

Do you want your Xbox One to stand out from all the others? Do you want to trick people into believing that you worked on the Microsoft development team? Do you simply not like the color black? Well then you better be willing to pay out the nose for your non conformity because someone is selling a white Xbox One on eBay for $2700.

The white Xbox One was not made available for the public, but rather was given out to each member of the Microsoft team that worked on the next (now current) generation system. Each system features a white and silver two-toned color pattern and an engraving which reads “I made this” as a testament for their hard work. Though if you need to sell it for a couple of grand I suppose all that hard work must have not paid very well.

Though no one has yet forked over the $2700 asking price, there have been over a dozen attempts to purchase the system at other prices, however none have been accepted by the seller. So why would you want to pay 5 times the price for this video game system? Well…it’s white…so it has that going for it which is nice. 

Photo Courtesy of eBay post.