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WHITECHAPEL Turns To Indiegogo For New DVD

Whitechapel is the latest band in line to turn to their fans through Indiegogo for help to release a live DVD. The band is asking for $35,000 to help get the DVD out. They had this to say about the campaign:


“To our fans, friends, and family. We are coming to you today to ask for your help in funding a full-scale Whitechapel DVD release through Indiegogo, which we have been hard at work on since January 2013. We’ve been filming non-stop, documenting our lives on the road as we have been touring the world and have a great amount of live performance and backstage footage.


Our DVD will consist of a behind the scenes/documentary portion about the band as well as a portion with professional live video and audio. We decided to make a DVD after the well-received attention of our Spring Tour Documentary in 2013, and what better way than to get our amazing fans involved with this task directly via crowd funding. This campaign is not our way of asking for a hand out, simply asking for help from our fans to create a special DVD that will make memories for us all. Please join us in our campaign to make the best Whitechapel DVD possible!


Some of the contribution perks will include a digital download of the audio from the live portion of the DVD, DVD + T-shirt, DVD + hoodie, DVD + Poster, Signed Mic by Phil Bozeman, and Private Screening with the band in Knoxville.


A very big thank you to all of our fans, friends, and family for all of your continued support. With your help we will be able to bring you the best possible WhitechapelDVD, which will not disappoint.”


The group even laid out what the $35,000 would go towards:

  • Filming/Editing – $20k
  • DVD printing – $6k
  • Venue rental – $3k
  • Production – $3k
  • Merch items(Tshirts, Hoodies, Posters etc.) $3k+


The campaign runs through March, 15th. If you want to do something cool and help out the band then click here to check out the page. Whitechapel is giving away a bunch of cool prizes for people that donate money. One prize is if you donate $1,000 then you are invited to a private screening of the DVD in Knoxville, TN with the band. Now thats badass!!