UCrew Update

Words Mean Everything (with Morgan Rose of Sevendust)

In April of 2018, the band Sevendust played their first show prior to the release of their latest album, All I See Is War. It would be the first time in over a year and a half that drummer, Morgan Rose, would take the stage and reconnect with the fans of Phoenix, Arizona.

In this episode, Shannon shares an interview conducted with Morgan on April 20th, 2018 at 98 KUPD’s U-fest (music festival).  In today’s episode, Shannon explores:

  • Morgan’s headspace going out on tour after working on the brand new album.
  • What anyone should do when they find themselves feeling creatively stagnant. Morgan discusses how he and the band have pushed through years of a unique rise to the top.
  • How the internet helped put them over the top with their music and how it’s still a mystery to some of the members of the band.
  • The process of writing the song “Not Original” with Lajon Witherspoon and Clint Lowery.