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10 Summers Left With Ivan Moody

Ivan Moody’s beginnings started out on a tattered couch in Chandler, Arizona while trying to break into the music industry.  His first band, Motograter, was having difficulty finding success before he was tapped to join Five Finger Death Punch.

Moody’s first recollection of a turning point in his life in Arizona happened to be when he wrote, “The Bleeding”. It would be the one song that would put Five Finger Death Punch on the map as a band to be reckoned with.

Today, Shannon talks with Ivan about those roots to Arizona and recollects the first time Five Finger Death Punch played the pavilion was now headlining nearly 11 years later. Not only does he share this memory, but he opens up about the importance of being on point before every show he performs.

Where most front men do their very best to take care of their voice before a performance, Ivan does more than take care of his vocals.  He lays a certain importance on his headspace before a show and explains his personal process before getting on stage.

Ivan also shares what he thinks about when he first opens his eyes after waking up.