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INTO THE PIT Playlist February 25th 2018

Into The Pit
Hosted By Marcus Meng Sunday Evenings 9pm-12am on 98KUPD
Play List For Sunday 2/25/18, Episode #744
Artist Song Title Album Label
Cryptopsy Slit Your Guts None So Vile Displeased
After The Burial Anti-Pattern Wolves Within Sumerian
Landmine Marathon Beaten And Left Blind Gallows Prosthetic
Pantera Slaughtered Far Beyond Driven Eastwest
Incantation Rites Of The Locust Profane Nexus Relapse
The Atlas Moth Last Transmission From The Late Great Planet Earth Coma Noir Prosthetic
Red Fang 1516 Whales And Leeches Relapse
Genocide Pact Conquered And Disposed Order Of Torment Relapse
The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza Yippie-Kay-Yay Motherf***er Danza III: The Series Of Unfortunate Events Black Market Activities
Cabal Nothingness Mark Of Rot Long Branch
Lamb Of God Choke Sermon Wrath Epic
Between The Buried And Me Condemned To The Gallows Automata I Sumerian
Watain Towards The Sanctuary Trident Wolf Eclipse Century Media
Ilsa Hikikomori Corpse Fortress Relapse
Bloodbath Soul Evisceration Nightmares Made Flesh Century Media
Windhand Old Evil Split Relapse
Harms Way Call My Name Posthuman Metal Blade
The Crown Iron Crown Cobra Speed Venom Metal Blade
Slayer Behind The Crooked Cross South Of Heaven American
Suffocation Inversion Pinnacle Of Bedlam Nuclear Blast
Baroness The Birthing The Red Album Relapse
Iced Earth Great Heathen Army Incorruptible Century Media
Letters From The Colony The Final Warning Vignette Nuclear Blast
Every Time I Die The Coin Has A Say Low Teens Epitaph
Biohazard Uncivilization Uncivilization Sanctuary
Rings Of Saturn Inadequate Ulta Ulla Nuclear Blast
Wage War Deadweight Deadweight Fearless
Iron Reagan Paper Shredder Split Relapse
Gatecreeper Dead Inside Split Relapse
Gorguts Inverted From Wisdom To Hate Century Media
Underoath On My Teeth Erase Me Fearless
Cannibal Corpse Grotesque Gore Obsessed Metal Blade