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The Brady Report 4/1/20

 It Turns Out Selling Cocaine Is a “Non-Essential” Business Right Now  Poll: America’s Favorite Streaming Service for Quarantining Is . . .  Men Like April Fools’ Day Pranks More Than Women  What Have You Done in the Past Few Weeks That You Rarely Ever Did Before? Here are some mild April Fools’ Day pranks you can play on your family ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/27/20

 A Neighbor Asks a Man to Turn Down His Music . . . and the Man Chases Him with a Sword  McDonald’s Is Eliminating All-Day Breakfast During the Coronavirus Pandemic  The Top 20 Dream Jobs We Had When We Were Kids  If Your Coworkers Don’t Turn on Video for Their Chats, There’s a One-in-Eight Chance They’re Naked  Should You Wash ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/26/20

 A Guy Tried to Escape from the Cops by Floating on a Log Down the River  A Robber Tries to Hide from the Cops in a Dumpster . . . Then Gets Caught When He’s Dumped into a Garbage…  What Would You Give Up to Have a Perfectly Clean House That You Never Had to Clean Again?  Which States Have ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/24/20

 A Car Thief Says “The Corona” Made Him Do It  (NC-17) Here Are the Common Household Items People Have Used in the Bedroom  Do You Pronounce These Eight Foods Like Other People Do?  Half of People Believe Aliens Will Make First Contact in the Next 50 Years  Someone Stole an Ambulance for a Joyride . . . With an EMT ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/23/20

 A Guy Actually Ate 40 Pizzas in 30 Days to Spite Papa John  A Hotel Cleaner Is Busted for Stealing 66 Rolls of Toilet Paper from a Marriott  Today Is National Puppy Day . . . So Look at Puppy Pictures for a Mental Health Distraction  30% of People Have Had Their Day Ruined Because They Didn’t Realize They Had ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/20/20

 A Guy Tries to Eat a Stolen Debit Card, Then Quickly Admits He’s Carrying Cocaine  Elephants Break Into a Farm in Self-Quarantine and Get Drunk on Wine  A Runaway Cow in Florida That’s “Faster Than It Looks” Has Been Caught After Two Months  People Are Now More Likely Than Ever to Say They’d Get-It-On with a Robot  Today Is National ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/19/20

 Hidden Valley Just Rolled Out Its Spiciest Version of Ranch Dressing Yet  An Australian Law Professor Livestreaming Her Class Spots a Student in the Middle of a Sex Act  Today Is the First Day of Spring . . . It’s the Earliest Spring in 124 Years  Coronavirus Has Passed 200,000 Cases Worldwide as Misinformation Continues to Spread  Which Actors Use ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/16/20

And just like that a star was born—Egg McMuffin Rat #subwaycreatures pic.twitter.com/vCeVirHRUK— Rick (@SubwayCreatures) March 13, 2020  A Couple Was Busted Having Sex Outside a Hospital  The Latest Fashion Trend for Young People Is . . . Dressing Up Like Old People  7-Eleven Is Spinning Off Its Own Line of Fried Chicken Restaurants . . . and the First One ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/3/20

 A Family Member Lets an 11-Year-Old Drive the Car . . . Because They’re Sick of Him Playing “Grand Theft Auto”  IHOP Has a New Menu of Cereal Pancakes and Milkshakes  Here Are the Repairs That Millennials Admit They Can’t Do . . . Including Millions Who Can’t Change a Light…  3% of Americans Have Skipped Work Because of Coronavirus ... Read More »