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Grey Daze Radio Special

Check out Chester Bennington’s final project with the Grey Daze radio special, hosted by Larry McFeelie!  This one-hour radio special features Grey Daze’s Sean Dowdell and other contributors to the release, including Chris Traynor (Bush), Brian “Head” Welch (KoRn), among others, detailing the story of how this project came together. Read More »

Metallica: All Within My Hands (Live) S&M2

Metallica has finally given us a release date for S&M2 and a new live video for All Within My Hands taken from the release. S&M2 will be released on August 28th but you can pre-order it now here. What do you think of the new version of All Within My Hands? Read More »

Asking Alexandria Unplugged

Check out Asking Alexandria performing their hit single “Antisocialist” unplugged. Hope we can see more of these type of videos from the guys!! Read More »

Dave Grohl: The Day The Live Concert Returns

We all have been locked up for some weeks now and have wondered when life will go back to normal. One of the biggest things that people are missing is concerts. It’s totally understandable why people miss concerts. It’s an event we go to, to feel connected with people over something that we share together. The love of music and ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/27/20

 A Guy Calls in a Fake Bomb Threat to Get Out of Work During the Pandemic  (NC-17) Someone Trained an A.I. Program to Draw Pictures of Male Genitalia  The Top Foods Each Part of the Country Is Ordering During Lockdown  Is the “Quarantine 15” a Myth? 79% of Us Aren’t Eating Worse  Do You Have “Zoom Fatigue”? Here’s Why Video ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/16/20

 A Woman Is Arrested After a Slap Fight Over TikTok Videos  Here Are the Most Popular Hard Seltzers in Every State During the Quarantine  Sexting Is Way Up as Everyone Wants You to “Send Nudes” Right Now  20% of Americans Now Scrub Their Hands at Least 16 Times a Day  54% of Us Are Cooking More Right Now, and Snacking ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/9/20

This clip I posted yesterday has been going viral all over FB & IG. I just happened to be walking by and caught this – @chanelwestcoast – @robdyrdek – @Ridiculousness – @SteeloBrim – @MTV – ! Wild times during the Quarantine @Complex @WORLDSTAR pic.twitter.com/0huxsmMCFz— Prophet Amen Ra – 預言者アーメン-ラー (@Deethebestemcee) April 6, 2020  A Man Wearing Thong Underwear as a ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/7/20

https://www.facebook.com/32900937/videos/10100602866477870/  Two Guys Who Randomly Committed Crimes at a U-Haul at the Same Time Accidentally Set the Place on Fire  A Guy Spent 18 Months Perfecting the KFC Fried Chicken Recipe . . . and He Thinks He’s Finally Done It  Here Are the Foods People Are Getting Delivered the Most Right Now  It Takes Nine Minutes for Music to ... Read More »